What Can I Give My Teething Baby Instead of Those Yukky Plastic Things?

Posted on Sep 25 2012 - 12:38pm by megganmamma

Joshi Teething On His Wooden Teether

Joshi has been teething on and off for a few months now.  Each bout came with irritation, excessive drooling and red cheeks and Joshi would make his hand into a fist and rub it along his gums with a certain air of frustration.   But still there were no sign of teeth.   Until a few days ago … when his first little tooth appeared through the skin on his bottom gums.  Simon and I were pretty excited about the arrival of this little mouth pearl, but unsurprisingly Joshi wasn’t in the mood for celebrations.   He was so irritable and obviously uncomfortable.  So we gave him five ml of this homeopathic medicine which I got from the health food store around the corner.   It’s called ‘Teething Relief,’ by Brauer.  It seemed to help, but not immediately so  we gave him a frozen facecloth, which we’d previously soaked in a mild solution of chamomile tea.  I held him in my lap and held the facecloth for him so that his little hands wouldn’t freeze.  He seemed relieved to have something cold on those gums.  I’ve also since given him some Weleda Baby Teething Powder, which seems to help.

Oh, and that amber necklace you may have noticed around Joshi’s neck  … it’s not to make him look like a cool surfer dude.  It helps with teething.  We’ve had it on him for a few months now.  People keep asking me if it helps but I have no point of comparison, so I can’t say for sure, but I do know mums who swear by them, who’ve noticed the difference in their little ones when they’ve taken and left the amber necklace off by mistake.

When we first got the necklace I thought Joshi was meant to chew on it like any other teether, but it doesn’t work that way.  It just has to be worn against their skin for the amber’s healing and anti-inflammatory properties to do their job.  Amber has been used as a teething remedy for centuries.  It’s basically fossilised plant resin from the Baltic sea that’s been polished and made into a necklace.

A great teething accessory which a friend gifted us when Joshi was born is a wooden teething ring handcrafted with hard rock maple (a non-splintering wood).  Joshi’s loved it even when he’s not been teething.  (It’s the one that he’s chomping on in the photo above).  I love it coz the wood is also naturally anti-bacterial, non-allergenic, and non-toxic.

Other Natural Teething Accessories

There are now so many natural teething accessories out there which are free from BPA and other nasties found in plastics.  (I’m doing all I can to avoid plastic in any shape or form).  A really popular teething accessory is Sophie the Giraffe, a natural rubber teething ring painted with non-toxic, food-grade paints, phthalate-free and PVC free.  I think amber necklaces and Sophie giraffes would make brilliant gifts for mothers-to-be, especially for the more practically minded mums out there.

And when all else fails, Joshi takes hold of his foot and starts chewing on his toes.  10/10 for creativity Joshi!

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  1. katesurfs September 25, 2012 at 3:30 pm -

    Poor little Joshi! It’s not fair, is it!? Sounds like he’s in good hands 🙂

  2. megganmamma September 28, 2012 at 10:43 am -

    Thanks Kate! He seems to be much happier now. This teething thing really comes in spurts doesn’t it?!

  3. Valerie October 4, 2012 at 10:17 pm -

    It’s so hard on them! We also gave our little one a snack bag-size baggie (double bagged) of frozen peas! He was, of course, under our supervision the whole time. Only did we have to stop when he finally had two teeth on top and two on the bottom because then he could finally bite through – and enjoyed doing so! Glad you’ve found so many things that work for him. 🙂

    • Megganmamma October 10, 2013 at 1:19 pm -

      Thanks Valerie. That sound like a good solution. Just wondering what else would be good now that Joshi has so many teeth.