Oh No! My Baby’s Got Thrush! – And How I Got Rid Of It Naturally

Posted on Nov 15 2012 - 11:24am by megganmamma
Sun-drying the thrush right out of those cloth nappies

Sun-drying the thrush right out of those cloth nappies

If you think I’m just leading a life of leisure, hanging out with my very cute little baby boy, making cooing sounds, you’re WRONG!  I’m sure I’m working harder now than I’ve ever done before, in my new role as mamma.  Cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, feeding him, feeding me, washing up, cooking again, folding laundry, bathing him, dressing him, undressing him, etc.  (On this note,  if I’ve not returned your call, SMS or email, please don’t hold it against me or take it personally).

And now, for the past few days, I’ve been doing laundry.  Oh soooo much laundry!  You know you’ve done a lot of laundry when the crazy thought to put a laundromat sign outside your apartment passes not-so-surreptitiously through your head.  Please, don’t get the wrong impression, I’m not complaining.  In fact I’ve not minded it at all really.  I genuinely love it when everything smells fresh and clean.

What I have minded very muchly though, is this rash that Joshi’s developed.  I felt so anxious when it first appeared, all red and raw.  Turns out it’s thrush. Oh no! Not thrush on my baby!   Immediately I thought, “how can that be happening!  I EC my baby.  He hardly ever sits in his own wees (and definitely not in his poos – we catch all of those), but there’s been a phase recently where ECing hasn’t gone as well.  It seems to have passed now, but during it I was missing a whole lot of wees and Joshi suddenly started being not so into sitting on the potty.  Instead of happily doing his business, he’d straighten his whole body until I took him off.  The more I looking at that red, raw area the more I started feeling as though it was my fault, that I could have prevented him from getting thrush.

Anyway, moving on from self-blame as swiftly as possible, I was (relatively speaking) pleasantly surprised to learn that thrush in babies can come on when they start solids. Phew, a good solid reason to help me abolish all guilt (‘scuse the pun)!  Apparently it’s got something to do with their stool and urine acidity changing.  Adding more weight to this, the homeopath reckons Joshi’s thrush is connected to what’s going on in his digestive system.  So she suggested we change the foods we’re offering him, avoiding things like bananas, citric fruits and foods which are hard for him to digest and going more for foods like sweet potato, pumpkin, avocado and grains. And that we both take probiotics.

To help his skin heal, on my homeopath’s recommendation I’ve been rubbing this lovely rosatum cream on him. And I kid you not – his bottom literally smells of roses right now.  (Makes a change from the sweet caramel-like smell of my breastfed baby’s poos).   She also suggested he takes rosemary water baths.  It’s been quite pleasant actually.  And he didn’t smell too roast-potatoey afterwards. (You just simmer a handful of fresh rosemary in water for five minutes and then add it to your bath water – great for healing the skin).

But on top of that we’ve had to wash everything.  You see thrush looooooooves damp conditions and isn’t friends with sunlight, so washing and sun drying all his cloth nappies, sheets, towels, blankets, etc … and ours, is a great way to kill thrush.  And while I’ve been hanging up laundry in the garden Joshi’s been having heaps of nappy-free time, crawling around my ankles, getting lots of sunlight on his botty and other bits.

While it’s not been so easy, I think it’s all paying off.  His skin seems to be clearing up.   Of course, while he’s had thrush we’ve had to miss our swimming lessons so as not to aggravate his skin and not to spread it to the other kids.  Our homeopath was surprised that I’m taking him into chlorinated water at such a young age.   She says it compromises his immune system.  Even just 30 minutes of it a week. Oh dear, now I just need to get over feeling bad about taking him for swimming lessons.  Honestly, you can find more than a million reasons to feel guilty when you’re a mamma.   As with everything in life, there are always going to be some good decisions, bad decisions and some in between decisions that you make.  I guess you  just have to keep doing your best and be compassionate towards yourself.  In the meantime I’m off to long kriya tonight to chuck out any remnant guilt. Soooooooo hum.

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  1. katesurfs November 15, 2012 at 12:40 pm -

    Poor little dude! Goldie is going through that funny stage of straightening up when I take her to the potty. I find it usually is just a little phase, and comes and goes. Sometimes even just changing the location of where you take them can help. Also, as they get older, they need to go less often, and if you’re taking them too much, they sort of get ticked off, like, ‘Lay off mum, I don’t have to go!’. It’s also their way of communicating to you… just that they can communicate.. know what I mean? It’s actually really funny when Goldie does the ‘plank’ as I call it. She gets the funniest look on her face that says, ‘See, I’m already tell you what I like to do!’.

    • megganmamma November 15, 2012 at 5:56 pm -

      Ya, Joshi gets a really funny look on his face too … he drops his head foward and it makes a triple chin. He’s all indignant … “no man mom, don’t take me now!” Very cute. I loved your blog about them being in silence and how special that is. Despite the times when you really wish they could tell you what’s wrong, the silence is golden – a very special time. Funny that you mention location, coz I did recently change location and I found that that helped.xx

      • katesurfs November 15, 2012 at 10:15 pm -

        Oh yes, the triple chin of indignation! I started taking Goldie in the bathroom sink. She loves that she can see me in the mirror (I make sure the toothbrushes are well out of the perimeter). If she starts ‘planking’, and making her funny face, I start laughing and making fun of her and then she starts laughing too! If she really has to go, she’ll relax her legs and go, but if she’s not busting, little stinker will hold it and plank away while I laugh at her!

  2. Stephanie November 28, 2013 at 5:26 pm -

    I didn’t actually read this post, but just look at all those BBHs hanging on your line! I have 26 of the magicall multifits, 10 of the bamboo one size fits all with covers, plus now 10 all in ones large size for daycare (which he doesn’t actually fit in to). I was so proud and excited when I first got my 26 at 7 months pregnant, washed and hanging on the line waiting for the little monkey to arrive 🙂 Ah I love em!