Christmas Morning With An 8 Month Old Baby

Posted on Dec 25 2012 - 10:57pm by megganmamma
All I want for Christmas is an empty cardboard fruit box!

All I want for Christmas is an empty cardboard fruit box!

It’s 4.15am on our first Christmas with Joshi and I’m wide awake. And so is he. He woke coz he needed the potty and then after I’d taken him he was far too wide awake to go back to sleep. (This is very rare by the way – he usually goes back to sleep within five to ten minutes of a night wake).

Well, I thought “there’s no point in resisting this,” so I got up, put him in the ergo baby carrier, lit a candle, made myself a cup of roibos tea, tidied up the kitchen and then stood out on the balcony under the stars. There we stood, listening to the sounds of the night – the breeze moving though the chimes, the rustling of the leaves in the trees and the songs of a few early Aussie birds. It really dawned on me in those moments – just how beautiful and enriching being with nature is. I mean really being with nature. Soaking in it. With no distractions. Everything was so delicately serene and still.

Anyway, an hour later, Joshi fed and fell asleep. Hmmmm, awake and alone at 5.15am on Christmas Day – what do I do now? I think it could be time to meditate. And, feeling especially grateful for my wonderful family and friends, I’m dedicating this meditation to all the people out there who don’t have anyone to share Christmas with.

So Merry Christmas everyone. May your day be filled with love that cracks your heart right open, contentment which feels like you’re being cradled in the loving arms of the divine and gratitude which has your throat tighten. With the risk of sounding sentimental – no matter what challenges life hands us there’s still so, so much to be grateful for.

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  1. katesurfs December 26, 2012 at 12:14 am -

    I think it was the whole, ‘Everyone in Australia is up at the crack of dawn and so am I’, vibe thing that Joshi had going on. Even though we went to bed super late, Margo was up at 5 ish… zzzz…